Betty King   (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer)

Betty King moved to South Texas with her late husband Bob in 1985, and together founded Casa Del Rey, accepting the first children into the home in 1986.  Betty, an ordained minister, began serving as President and CEO of Hungry Kids International in July 2007 following her husband's death.  Responsible for all aspects of strategic direction and administrative oversight of the ministry, Betty remains as motivated as ever to transform the lives of children.  Betty and her late husband Bob have three children, six grandchildren and one great-grandson.  They are also known as Abuelita (Dear Grandmother) and Abuelito (Dear Grandfather) to hundreds of Mexican children.


Bob King, Jr.    (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer)

Bob King, Jr., 54, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Oral Roberts University.  Prior to joining the ministry, he worked sixteen years in cancer research as senior biochemist research assistant.  He recieved Bible school training in Ardmore, Oklahoma and three years' ministry training while in Oklahoma City where he gained valuable counseling experience.  He was ordained to the ministry in 1995.  Bob joined HKI in 1996.  He assisted his father, the late Bob King Sr., in developing the staff.  Additionally, Bob managed the budget, assisted with office and ministry duties, and served as associate pastor in the church from 1996-2007.  He assumed oversight of Iglesia Pacto de Paz from its inception and in 2007 assumed full pastoral duties of Iglesia Del Rey.  In 2007, Bob was promoted to the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Hungry Kids International. Bob and his wife Sheryl have been married for thirty years.

Felipe Recio (Director of Mexican Affairs; Casa Del Rey House Parent)

A citizen of Mexico, Brother Felipe Recio entered the Methodist Seminary in Monterrey, Mexico in 1978, graduating in 1981. His first appointment as a pastor was a small church in Saltillo, Mexico, where he met his wife Angelica whom he married in July, 1982.  Later, Felipe was led to pastor in Matamoros where their daughter Damaris  was born.  After moving to Piedras Negras where Felipe worked in his mother's department store for six years, he spent his spare time teaching home bible studies seven days a week.  Yearning for a full-time ministry, but not initially seeing Hungry Kids International as his calling, Felipe ultimately responded to God's calling to "nurture children" in April of 1991.  Felipe and Angelica are house parents at Casa Del Rey.  He also serves as HKI's Director of Mexican Affairs, and is the pastor of Pacto de Paz in Piedras Negras.  Felipe and Angelica have two children: Damarias and Felipe Isaac, and two granddaughters, Alexa and Ana Camile.

Angelica Recio (House Parent - Casa Del Rey)

Along with her husband Felipe, Angelica assumed parenting responsibilities at Casa Del Rey in April of 1991.  Her rightful title is "Super Mom!" She rises each day, organizes her staff, then leaves for Piedras Negras for the day to teach in public school where she has been recognized with numerous awards as an outstanding teacher.  After school, she hurries home to be "Mommy" to about thirty-five youngsters plus staff and solve the problems of the day!  Angelica also serves as the Principal for our private school, Escuela Del Rey, and still finds time to assist her husband as he pastors their growing congregation.  Most important of all, Angelica has an unending love for the children at Casa Del Rey.

Cindy King Hall  (Administrative Assistant )

Cindy has been serving with the ministry since 2006. A straight A student in business school, she is now applying her business skills in HKI Headquarters office. She is administrative assistant to Betty King and assists Bob King, Jr. in the accounting department.

Understanding many of life's bitter experiences, Cindy relates well with the children in our homes, understands their struggles, and effectively ministers to their needs.

Cindy, daughter of Betty and the late Bob King, has a son, a married daughter and a grandson.

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