The results of Hungry Kids International are measured in terms of "changed lives".  Since first opening our doors twenty-two years ago, hundreds of children have come to us.  We have loved them all!

Over the years it has been--and continues to be--our special privilege to bring the precious little ones into our "inner circle" and bless them with the warmth of love and friendship.  The children are usually extremely lonely, often depressed, and sometimes terribly afraid.  They need a friend.  They unfold and open their little hearts to our love just as a flower responds to the sunshine.

Here are just a few stories.


From Trash to Treasure - A Real "Cinderella" Story

I wept as this thirteen-year-old spoke.  It was Sunday and she was addressing our morning Worship Service at Casa Del Rey.

Tears flowed down her cheeks.  "I used to wonder," she sobbed, "Why am I here?  Why do I live?  Why was I born?  I did not want to live.  Once I tried to hang myself.  I have left my house without my parents knowing where I went.  One month, three months.   I was a nobody.  I tried drugs.  I thought that it was wonderful to do them.  I thought that the drugs would make me forget about my problems.  But it was not like that.  I was an embarrassment and a drug addict.  But God took all that away!

"My biological Mom said that I was not worth sending to school, that I was a waste of time, that I had no future.

"I thank God because I am here.  If I had not met you, I don't know where I'd be.  I now know that God loves me and brought me here.

"After I came to Casa Del Rey I would tell my Mom (Angelica) and my Dad (Felipe), I do not deserve to be here or to be your daughter because I am trash.  But they told me who I really am.  They told me that I am the daughter of God and that He loves me.  That I am a treasure to them and to Jesus.  They take time to talk to me even when they are busy.

"My (biological) Mom comes to see me sometimes.  She says, "(Name withheld), I cannot believe that you are like this.  You are another person!" She has told friends this and they cannot believe it.  I am so happy!  I am praying that my Mom will find Jesus too.

"Your life is an example to me," she continued.  Our eyes met.  More tears flowed.  Then she looked at Angelica.  "I love you a lot.  I used to tell people that I loved them, but I didn't even know the meaning of the word.  But now I can say I love you because God has placed love in me."

NOTE: This young lady has since won her mother and father to the Lord. She has also won others to the Lord.

Changed Lives

Now happily married and living with her husband and children, one of our girls (name withheld) who entered Casa Del Rey as a child many years ago returned to visit one Father's day to honor her "Grandfather" Bob and her "Daddy" Felipe.

Wih tears streaming down her cheeks she sobbed: "Before I came here (Casa Del Rey), my sister, my brother and I were rejected by our father.  He would leave home for weeks at a time.  Whenever he was home, he sexually abused my sister and me.  I hated him.  We kids would go downtown and wash the windows on the cars that were waiting to cross the bridge (into the United States) in order to get enough money to buy food.  Sometimes we would see our father coming back across the border from the United States.  Sometimes he would see us and smile, but most of the time he would cross the street and pretend not to see us.  I was very bitter.

"But I thank God that He sent me here to this home where I grew up.  I learned the love of a real father from my Daddy Felipe, and from my Abuelito (Grandfather) Bob.  Through them and the love they have shown me, I have learned to forgive my biological father and pray for him.  I have received peace in my heart and I am no longer bitter and filled with hate for one who wronged me."

Unconditional Love

Nine-year-old (name withheld) arrived at our home shortly before Christmas.  He came from another children's home.  They did not want him any longer.  This was the story of his life.  Left alone to fend for himself, with no one to befriend him, he had wandered the streets and had eventually found his way to another home in our city.

Hoping to find friends and security, he tried desperately to please.  However, things didn't work out and he was asked to leave.  When Felipe and Angelica arrived to pick him up, he eyed them with great suspicion, but he began to cry as he heard stinging words coming from his former caretakers.  "You don't want to take that child in.  You'll be sorry if you do!"  His small frame trembled as Angelica pull him to her.  She brushed the tears from his eyes as they rushed for the door to the waiting car.  "Of course we want him!  He's a fine boy and we love him already!" she called back over her shoulder.

This troubled youngster found love, food, friendship and the opportunity to attend school at Casa Del Rey's Escuela Del Rey.  Although (name withheld) had the kind of problems that are expected from children who have suffered rejection, he--like hundreds of other children before him--responded to unconditional love.

A Bright Future

Fabiola grew up at Casa Del Rey.  She earned her degree in Marketing and is employed in direct sales.  The partners of Hungry Kids International paid for her education.  She is very appreciative of your love, and is giving back to the ministry from her earnings.  Fabiola's company sent her to Mexico City for training.  She is employed in a suburb of Mexico City. She returns home (Casa Del Rey) often and provides an encouraging example of the bright future that is possible.


Dearest Grandpa

Edelmira (Ede) came to Casa Del Rey when she was eleven.  Ede has taught third and fourth grades in our private school Escuela Del Rey.  She studied English and now teaches English as a second language at a technical institute in Piedras Negras.   Ede gave this poem to Bob King on his 75th birthday.

Dearest Grandpa,

Maybe you will never change the world,

but you changed my life and that's enough.

Maybe you will never touch all the world

but you touched mine and I thank God for that.

Your life is a light in my world

because it guides me when I'm lost.

Your love changed my heart

and your words change my mind.

You loved me when nobody loved me,

and you accepted me when my heart was broken.

When everybody looked at my past

you looked at my future.

Your words created a beautiful world

and changed my life day by day,

and now I am the person you said.

When you smile my world shines

When you speak my heart changes.

When I found you, I found a beautiful treasure

because you enrich my life with your love;

A wonderful friend who is always with me

and an excellent example that I can follow.

You are the most important part of the puzzle of

my life, because without you my life isn't complete.

When God wanted to show me his love

He sent His Son,

But when he wanted to teach me how to love,

He sent you!

I love you, Your Baby, Ede


Bob King Sr. (1930 - 2007)








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