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Since 2015, the Child Welfare department (DIF) in the State of Coahuila intensified pressure on all of the evengelical children's homes in an attempt to close them and return the children to their parents. Our homes were particularly targeted because of the family atmosphere that we offered to the children. It was clear that we would be forced to make changes to the way we minister in Mexico.

But God is very creative. as far back as 2009 Bobby and Cindy were enrolled in the ND Clinical Medicine program of the Albert Schweitzer Institute of Pastoral Medicine, at the time headquartered in Monterey, Mexico. We have never lacked for anything to do as we work for the ministry, but we added medical school to the list. Though our progress was slow because it was pursued part time, we have continually progressed. The training has been invaluable in keeping Bobby alive, functional, and off of dialysis (He suffered liver failure in 2010). It has also helped me to remain productive. Natural medicine works well for us.

We view medicine as a tool to open opportunities for us to preach the Gospel. The children's home ministry was coming to a close, at least for a time, but medicine opens opportunities to us that are more powerful than raising children provided for us. We are not trying to make money, though it is right for us to ask the people to recognize the value of our help. We still subsist on freewill offerings.

By 2014, Bobby had been accepted into the Ecclectic medicine program which is the most advanced training that is offered by the institute. This course is only offered to those students in whom the institute has confidence will not turn from the Gospel in the process of studying the medical systems from around the world. It was an honor, but it was still not a degree.

In mid 2015, The Lord prompted Bobby to investigate the staff interest in the pursuit of pastoral medicine. Five of our staff were enrolled and the Institute allowed us to enroll two additional students. Daniel, who is one of Felipe's staff pastors, and a teacher in the public school system, has stuck with the course and is making himself a blessing the ministry. Another student enrolled, but subsequently dropped out.

Some of our progression is presented as follows:

Turning The Ship This is a brochure in Word format.
Launching A New Ministry This is a Power Point presentation describing the transition of this ministry's focus and the launch of New Hope Medical Ministries.
Our medical missionary class was organized in the boy's home called Casa Jovenes Del Rey. The staff began with the basics of medical evangelism and we have progressed ever since. During the first several sessions, Fabiola and Pedro brought their children, but later other arrangements were made and focus improved. Bobby attends each of the classes, and is normally the one who takes the pictures. Our first class met in September of 2015.
January 2017 Medical class, (l-r) Dr. Albert Romo, Fabiola, Ramon, Felipe, Daniel January 2017 Felipe gives presentation for medical class
February 2017 Medical class at Casa del Rey, (l-r) Felipe in recliner just out of camera, Pedro, Daniel, Fabiola, Dr. Romo February 2017 Medical class enjoying lunch break in Angelica's home. Fabiola and Angelica are off camera. Bobby is taking the pictures.
Bobby explains and demonstrating how to make tinctures. The alcohol is a necessary solvent used to distract the medical properties from the herbs. Felipe is interpreting how tinctures are made as Bobby demonstrates another step in the process.
February 2016 Medical class, (l-r) Dr. Romo, Norma, Ramon, Fabiola, Pedro, Felipe, Laura. Bobby took pictures. Daniel was absent. February 2016 Medical class in Norma and Ramon's home (Casa Jovenes Del Rey)
April 2016 Medical class, (l-r back), Ramon, Bobby, Felipe, Dr. Romo, Daniel, (front) Norma, Fabiola, Pedro April 2016 Medical class in Casa Jovenes Del Rey