Soon after Casa Del Rey opened, it became clear that the children need to have some religious education. If their lives were to be changed, we had to give them the power to change. Of course that power to change comes from the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Children's Church:

The first services were children's church functions under the direction of Betty King. Translation was always a problem. This limited the depth and breadth of teaching that could be offered to the children. The start was slow and difficult.

Translation improved remarkably when Felipe Recio joined the staff about 1990. He played the guitar and assisted Betty as a translator and assistant. Brother Felipe was trained in the Methodist seminary in Monterey Mexico. He served as pastor for the Methodist Church in the state of Coahuila, Mexico for another three years prior to joining the staff of Bob King Ministries.

Service was geared for the adult staff:

It soon became apparent that the staff was suffering from lack of spiritual nourishment, since the children's church was all that they had. Our staff was on duty 24/7 in those days, and could not get away to go to church on Sunday morning. Of course, El Moral is about 15 miles outside of Piedras Negras, which at the time was a 25 -30 minute trip into town ... if they had a car. The decision was made to have an adult church service to feed the staff first, then the children. Once the staff was nourished with the word of God, they were able to teach the children through chapels during the week.

Bob King was working with a church in Quemado, Texas at the time, so he could not go across and help with the church services. He and Betty agreed that Betty would pastor the church and direct its activities as a department of the ministry.

Commission Iglesia Pacto de Paz in Piedras Negras:

The church grew and developed to the point where it was time to commission a church in Piedras Negras where it could function as a full church.

Bob, Betty, Bobby, and Brother Randy Barnett ordained Felipe into the gospel ministry in 2003.

When the time was right, Bob and Betty King Blessed Felipe and sent the staff and children with him to form the core of a new church. This proved to be a stable arrangement. The new church is thriving.

Return to Children's Church:

In October of 2006 Iglesia del Rey became a children's church again. It is now under the pastorate by Bobby King. English speaking staff is rotated between Iglesia Pacto de Paz and Iglesia del Rey as needed to conduct services.

This rotation serves as training for the staff, which is useful to them since they are expected to work in the children's ministry in Iglesia Pacto de Paz, and of course train the children under their care in the children's homes.

Limited Bible School for Staff:

Since December of 2008 it has become possible to buss all of the children into Piedras Negras for church.

Iglesia del Rey presently serves as a Bible School for Cindy Hall and English speaking staff. Services are conducted regularly on a smaller scale on Sunday Morning while the children are in town.

After the children and staff return from town each Sunday, we have a second session with the English speaking staff.  This class teaches foundations of Old Testament doctrine in light of the New Covenant.

Freedom to be flexible in fulfillment of our calling:

As the need arises, Iglesia del Rey will adjust to serve the needs of the homes and the church in town.