A Home for Teenage Boys

Casa Jovenes Del Rey, which means Youth Home of the King in Spanish, is located in downtown Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.  The city of Piedras Negras (translating to black rocks as a reference to the coal deposits in the area) is home to over 200,000 people. Piedras Negras is a border town directly across the Rio Grande River from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Casa Jovenes Del Rey, which was founded by HKI during the 1990's, provides a home for teenage boys. The number of boys living in the home varies. These boys are supervised by house parents Ramon and Norma Cardona who have filled various roles with Hungry Kids International since 1996. The boys attend junior high and high school in the Piedras Negras public school system. The boys receive love and supervision from Ramon and Norma who help with them with homework, assign daily chores, and assist their transition into young adulthood. The boys attend church at Inglesia Pacto de Paz (Church of the Covenant of Peace) in Piedras Negras. The boys have access to trade and occupational training.

House parents of Casa Jovenes Del Rey, Ramon and Norma Cardona


The House Next Door

In order to provide more adequate dorm space and to create a meeting room for the boys, the connecting building to the existing residence was purchased. The connecting building and property required extensive repair and remodeling work, and a major renovation project was completed on the interior according to the Hungry Kids International Master Plan program. We wish to thank our partners (who wish to remain anonymous) for the designated donation that enabled this important renovation.  For our next project, the outside of the building still needs a lot of TLC (tender, loving care).

A Positive Alternative

Casa Jovenes Del Rey provides a positive place of acceptance and love for teenage boys who for whatever reason do not have others to take care of them. Without Casa Jovenes Del Rey and the guidance they receive from their house parents to help them grow, the downtown streets of Piedras Negras might be their home instead.



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